The Top 17 Things To Do In Germantown, TN

The Top 17 Things To Do In Germantown, TN

Germantown, TN has some of the best neighborhoods. This charming, small town is located in Memphis and can feel like your home away from home.

The historic district of Germantown is located in Shelby County, Tennessee. It offers new ways for residents to enjoy the suburbs and attractions of Memphis.

Germantown has it all, whether you are looking for outdoor activities, exciting excursions, retail therapy, or relaxation, there is something for you.

There is so much entertainment in Germantown. Here are the top 17 things to do.

Learn about gardening in Oaklawn Garden

Oaklawn’s stunning gardens are located on a six-acre field of lush greenery.

Oaklawn Garden is a combination of a botanical garden and a museum. It also has a plaza where you can walk around and enjoy the sights of bright-colored flowers blooming, as well as the fresh breeze from the wind.

The best time to visit Oaklawn Garden is during the spring when flowers bloom and explode with beautiful colors.

Oaklawn garden offers a tranquil afternoon of gazing at beautiful shrubs and plants in a meadow.

The garden offers many paths that can be explored. You can also take photos of the amazing views at Oakland Garden.

Dine and shop at Saddle Creek

Saddle Creek, which was the first commercial complex to be built in 1987, is still one of the most popular shopping areas in Germantown, Tennessee.

Saddle Creek is your one-stop shop for clothes, beauty, fitness, home electronics, electronics, and much more.

There are more than 40 stores with famous and unique shops like Apple, Sephora, Michael Kors, Banana Republic, Pandora, and many more iconic brands.

After shopping at Saddle Creek, You can dine at one of the nearby restaurants. Take advantage of the large parking spaces and admire the unique architectural design in the shopping center.

Saddle Creek offers a unique shopping experience, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for special deals and events in Saddle Creek.

Crystal Shrine Grotto

Visit Crystal Shrine Grotto

The Crystal Shrine Grotto, a man-made, crystal cave that was created in the Memorial Park Cemetery in Memphis in the 1930s, is the only one of its kind worldwide.

Beautiful views of stalagmites and stalactites from the Crystal Shrine Grotto and oak trees outside. It is a short trip from the airport. You won’t want to miss this amazing man-made crystal cave.

First, explore the peaceful and beautifully-maintained garden at the cemetery. You can then enter the cave to be awestruck by the beautiful statues and crystals.

Enjoy a Picnic at Cameron Brown Park

One of the most sought-after recreational areas in the world is parks, and Germantown has many beautiful parks you can visit.

Cameron Brown Park is one of many places people can visit to relax and have fun with their friends.

The park covers 55 acres and features well-lit fields (e.g., baseball, football tennis courts, and soccer), a large pavilion, tables and benches, BBQ grilling, food stands, and water fountains.

Cameron Brown Park boasts a 1-and-a-half mile of hiking trails, as well as a 3-acre lake where you may fish and enjoy the picturesque view.

Shelby Farms Park

The 4,500-acre Shelby Farms Park, located in Memphis, TN is one of the largest urban parks in the United States. Shelby Farms Park is a great place to take a break from city life.

The park has a variety of play structures and slides for children. Adults can also enjoy the park’s paved pathways.

Take a picnic basket and fill it up with your favorite foods, then drive to Shelby Farms Park. This park also has more than 20 water bodies. You can bring your fishing gear, as it is the perfect spot to fish.

drive-in theater

Malco Summer Drive-In

Malco Summer Drive-In is a unique movie theater that allows you to bring your dog along and enjoy a film together.

Multiple screens are used to show new movies, as well as some of the usual amenities that you would find in a cinema like concession stands.

Enjoy some entertainment in your car, while enjoying films on the large screens at Malco Summer Drive-In.

Discover the stories behind Fort Germantown

Fort Germantown is one of the best-preserved civil warfare forts that garrison troops used in the early days.

This important site is an important piece of Germantown’s heritage. It gives historians a perspective on the creation of the fort as well as the daily life of those who lived around it.

Stop by Fort Germantown to see the legacy of those who came before you.

Fort Germantown is a great place to learn about the area and reflect on the struggles and experiences of soldiers.

Memphis Botanical Garden

The 96-acre Memphis Botanical Garden is located in Memphis, TN. You’ll find a gorgeous Azalea Trail and Daylily Circle here, as well as many other interesting things.

Take your children to the Children’s Garden of the Memphis Botanical Garden. They will enjoy the low fountain, pop-up water sprayers, and extensive tree-house.

Visiting the garden is one of the most romantic activities for couples: exploring the beautiful garden of flowers. This makes a great backdrop for a photo of you with your sweetheart.

Germantown Community Theater

This 110-seat venue is located on Germantown’s Forest Hill-Irene Road. It offers entertainment and learning opportunities to both residents and tourists.

Germantown Community Theater, a non-profit organization, aims to encourage creativity and talent in the community by creating an environment that allows people to freely express themselves.

You can purchase tickets to see live performances by some of the best entertainers in Germantown.

You can also sign up for acting classes at the local theater to meet other aspiring actors and learn.

You might get to meet Mrs. Murray, the theater’s community ghost who can make the lights flash.

Wolf River Nature Area

All nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts have made the Wolf River Nature Area a favorite destination.

This natural reserve covers 150 acres and offers educational areas, picnic areas, and picturesque spots. There are also areas for relaxation and restrooms.

You can also enjoy a 5.3-kilometer-long trail that allows you to walk, jog or simply take in the beauty of the area. You will find signs, benches, and gardens along the trails.

Wolf River Nature Area offers many outdoor activities that will help you burn calories and have fun.

Germantown Train Depot Museum

The Historic Germantown Train Depot Museum

Germantown is home to many historic sites. The Germantown Train Depot Museum is just one.

Germantown Train Depot Museum is where you can find all of the town’s historical information in one location.

Germantown is home to many historic sites. The Germantown Train Depot Museum is just one. Germantown Train Depot Museum is where you can find all of the town’s historical information in one location.

Farm Park Farmer’s Market

Farm Park Farmer’s Market prides itself on being fresh, sustainable, and local. Farm Park Farmer’s Market offers fresh fruits, and local produce at a family-friendly price.

Enjoy live music and see the art collection created by talented residents of Germantown.

Food trucks are available to provide delicious and nutritious food for customers and fun activities for children. They also offer educational cooking demonstrations in a beautiful rural setting.

The Farm Park Farmer’s Market allows you to shop without being bored.

Germantown Performing Center

Germantown Performing Center presents world-class entertainment for over 30 years. The 868-seat center is home to many artists who specialize in comedy, music, dance and acting.

You can find exceptional artists at this Germantown treasure.

The performances, staff, facilities, and overall experience of Germantown Performing Center will impress you.

Germantown Performance Center should be on your bucket list, regardless of whether you are an art lover or simply enjoy watching great performances.

Enjoy wine and paint in Painting With A Twist

You are wrong if you think Painting With A Twist is just another boring painting class. Painting With A Twist offers a unique way to spend time in Germantown.

You can book an event at Painting With A Twist, whether you want to bond with friends, have fun on a date night, or express yourself through art.

Painting With A Twist is more than just creating art. It’s also about making memories that will last a lifetime.

Get away from the stress and join Painting With A Twist’s zen event in Germantown.

Experience a truly refreshing and calming painting session with relaxing music to set up your mood while sipping a glass of wine.

You have the option to either reserve a seat or make a private appointment.

Enjoy this unique experience, meet new people, share stories, laughter, and more with Painting With A Twist.

Ridgeway Country Club

Ridgeway Country Club

Ridgeway Country Club offers a wide range of social opportunities, creative events, and a unique perspective on country club life. The 18-hole golf course is open to all levels of golfers.

The course is surrounded by beautiful lakes and plants making it an unforgettable experience for golfers.

The practice fields include a 300+ yard driving range, putting, and chipping greens, as well as an indoor area.

Additional club amenities include an Olympic-sized swimming pool, tennis courts, and private dining rooms. There is also a cozy theater that can be used for film screenings and special events.

Ridgeway Country Club offers many benefits, including opportunities for interaction between family members in tennis, golf, swimming, dining, and celebrating important events.

Enjoy a splash in the Suggs Water Spray Park

Just 17 minutes from the southeast of Germantown, Tennessee is the Suggs Water Spray Park.

This park is made up of poles, arches, and other items that can be used to sprinkle water where children can splash about and soak in the water.

Suggs Water Spray Park is a great place to cool off in hot weather.

Parents need not worry about their children slipping in wet areas. The park has a rubber-like surface that is designed to reduce the chance of them slipping.

You can bring your children, or unleash your inner child here at Suggs Water Spray park.

Live music at Huey’s Germantown

Huey’s has been serving delicious hamburgers, refreshing craft beer, and entertaining music since 1970.

Memphis residents chose their World Renowned Huey Burgers to be the best burger in town.

You can find a large selection of burgers, sandwiches, and desserts on their menu. They also offer sides, gluten-free options, snacks for the whole family, and more.

Perhaps their most notable features are the graffiti walls, small-town atmosphere, and live entertainment.

Live music is often performed by local and regional bands, which includes jazz, blues, and sometimes even rock on Sundays at Huey’s.

Last Thoughts

Germantown is a great place to buy a home because of the variety of family-friendly activities and destinations it offers. 

Its impressive parks, world-class theatres, high-end shops, historic sites, and top-rated local restaurants will not disappoint.

The fun never stops in Germantown, Tennessee. That is why you should come and visit to have a taste of the wonders it has to offer.